saxboard [{{t}}'sæksbɔ:d]
(in rowing) plat-bord m

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  • saxboard — /ˈsæksbɔd/ (say saksbawd) noun the part of each side of a rowing boat, stronger and thicker than the skin forming the hull, to which the riggers are attached. {Compare Old Norse sax raised prow of a ship + board} …   Australian English dictionary

  • saxboard — n. the uppermost strake of an open boat. Etymology: SAX(2) + BOARD …   Useful english dictionary

  • Glossary of rowing terms — In competitive rowing, the following specialized terms are important in the corresponding aspects of the sport: Boat Classes In competitive rowing events, abbreviations are used for different boat classes.;Weight: *L or Lt:Lightweight rowing *If… …   Wikipedia

  • Gunwale — The gunwale (pronEng|ˈɡʌnəl gunnel to rhyme with tunnel ) is a nautical term describing the top edge of the side of a boat. Wale is the same word as the skin injury, a weal , which, too, forms a ridge. Originally the gunwale was the Gun ridge on… …   Wikipedia

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